Posted by: amyloublog | February 14, 2008

Happy Heart Day

Well love is in the air and chocolate is everywhere.  Thank God for the sugar free stuff or I’d be missing out on all the edible love.  It’s been a great day here.  Jake got lots of loot at his preschool V-Day party, a pink puppy from Nani, an alphabet game from us, a mylar balloon that has a cute bird on it that says “You make my heart sing!” and his very favorite thing…fresh strawberries!  I have me a fruit man. I made chocolate chip muffins, which you know is a labor of love, because I can’t eat them.  My sweet hubby bought me some cute pink capri PJs and is taking me out on the town tomorrow to finally see the movie, Juno!  You know, Juno? Have you seen it?  Would love to know what you thought of it.  It really has struck my interest because I work with girls experiencing unplanned pregnancies. After the movie we plan to hit up that great salad bar at Ruby Tuesdays.  I shall give a report on the outing soon.  Until then my friends, peace out!


  1. Amy, I’ve seen the movie. It is a cute movie, and I believe you’d find the movie quite funny. It is a very quirky movie.

    Another story you might find interesting. We recently hired somebody to work with me. She is 19 and not married. She’s in her 7th month of pregnancy. She’s quite a.. .unique person… but anyways. Thought you’d find that interesting.

    Love you, hope and pray Jake feels better.

  2. Okay, how cute is he? (Jake I mean)

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