Posted by: amyloublog | February 15, 2008

The low down on Juno

Okay, so I finally saw the movie. It was funny, flip, witty, definitely quirky and had some really endearing moments.  It’s not what I would expect Hollywood to deliver in terms of an unplanned teenage pregnancy.  I did like the scene outside the abortion clinic where her protesting friend mentions that her 8 week preborn baby has fingernails. I like that the facts of fetal development were focused on, most people don’t know just how quickly the little one is formed. What I didn’t care for were the mixed moral messages.  It bothers me to see the parents reaction to her pregnancy, and the girl’s flippant and graphic banters about sex.  However it was a realistic portrayal of teens today.  Overall I think that the film is good, but just as most you have to filter out the bad.

Now Ruby Tuesdays however just ROCKS it on the salad bar.  I am all over a place that serves edemame and broccoli salad, not to mention the pumpernickel croutons. Yum!  Oh how my priorities have changed…more on that soon as I approach my one year anniversary of having WLS (weight loss surgery).  I’m planning a jim dandy of a blog for that day. Stay tuned. 


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