Posted by: amyloublog | February 26, 2008

It’s been, one year!

One year ago today I had RNY gastric bypass weight loss surgery (WLS).  It was the second best decision of my life.  What was the first, you may wonder? Well it was giving my life to the Lord.  In fact, He was the one that made this surgery possible.   

It all started in October of ’06 when I went to a surgeon to have a hernia repaired.  He said to me, in a perfect world, I’d like to see you have WLS and then we will follow up with the hernia repair after you lose weight.  The hernia surgery was going to be risky because most of my weight was in my stomach and the hernia was pretty large. I always thought it would be great to2007spring0005.jpg2007spring0005.jpg have WLS but never thought my insurance would pay for it, so I never entertained the idea. I remember praying while still in the DR office, Lord if this is not from You, close the doors. Well to make a long story short, I was approved for surgery in January ’07 and the rest is history. It was really quite remarkable how fast it all came together because normally it takes over 6 months to meet all the insurance requirements and often after that you can be denied and have to appeal. So I was really fortunate and it became obvious that this was God’s will for me. 

I started this journey at 246 pounds, which was way too much for this petite gal of barely 5 feet.  Now one year later, I have lost 104 pounds!  Can I get a WOO WOO?  I have gone from a size 22/24 (tight 3X) to a size 10/12 pants.  All this with no complications!  I can eat pretty much anything, but try to avoid the bad carbs and limit the fat.  I have gained self confidence, stamina, energy and a normal blood pressure.  My PCP has said I’ve added years to my life.  And I’ve found a new addiction – clothes shopping.

 My goals for the next 6 months are to lose the remaining 15 or so pounds to get to goal (125).  And to start exercising consistently, at least 3-4 times a week for 30-40 minutes. 

 Below is a picture of me on the morning of surgery:


Here is what I look like today:


 (Click on either picture to enlarge.  I can’t get them to be the size I want and have spent entirely too much time tweaking.)

As you can see, it has been a great year!



  1. Well Amy, you look amazing. What a journey! I’m so happy that everything went so well for you. Keep up the good work, I feel inspired!

  2. YOU GO GIRL…..major props on the awesome new bod!

    Love ya!!

  3. I can’t tell you how proud I am of all of the hard work you put into you wls. I know that this surgery is far from the quick fix most people think that it is and it still requires an enormous amount of self control, patience and endurance……….yet………you did it! HERE’S A WOO HOO!!! LOVEYOUMEANIT!

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