Posted by: amyloublog | July 24, 2008

Here we go again

My dear son J has Croup again. We last went through this virus 9 months ago. Actually I remember it very well, I was 4 days out from hernia surgery and it was my birthday. My Dad was here to help care for J and we were awaken late at night with J crying and having alot of trouble breathing. I would find myself waiting at home while my son made his first trip to the ER that evening. Happy Birthday to me!  However, God is so faithful and he was home in a little over an hour, laced with steroids and bouncing off the wall. Thank God I am a pack rat of sorts, because I kept the leftover meds from October. So last night we were able to avoid another ER trip. I heard the seal like coughing at 11pm and immediately knew what to do. I whisked him into his bathroom, turned the shower on as hot as it would go, closed the door and held him while he took deep breaths. It works within minutes, the key is to stay calm and calm your child as well.  One dose of steroids and in less than an hour, he was back to sleep. Although in bed with me, which only happens when he is sick. With that said, pray for J to recover soon. He is already eating like a horse and doesn’t seem to be too hyper yet. Although, the next dose is in an hour! I shutter…and say “Give me strength and Starbucks!”



  1. Oh I feel for you – My J has had croup at least 8-10 times with 1 ER visit in the middle of the night. The asthma always complicates things. You did absolutely the right thing – way to go mama! I’ll be praying for him (and you)

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