Posted by: amyloublog | July 27, 2008

Sleepless in SC

Well here I am up before the chickens once again. I have had so much on my plate lately (mostly re: work/ministry) that I have found myself dealing with stress. Oh, it’s not a new thing, mind you, but it has reached the level where I am losing some sleep. And I am one of those who likes to get the full 8 in.

 I have read that most women tend to carry their stress in the jaw, neck and shoulders area. Thus causing a great deal of TMJ related issues. I am one of those women. It doesn’t bother me all the time, but when it does I am running for the Motrin and begging Calgon to take me away.

I am in the throes of planning a 10th Anniversary Banquet for work, which over 300 people with attend. It’s much like planning a wedding without the nice honeymoon vacation waiting at the end.  Oh how I remember the stress level 8 weeks before my own wedding. It’s a very fun and exciting time, but crazy busy!  

I am curious what do you do to relieve stress? So all 3 of you who read my blog, please leave a comment this time and let me know some of your “home remedies” for stress relief.  Oh and do remember this is a “family friendly” blog, so if it is personal or racy, well just email me. 

I do know one thing that may help, if I could just find the time and be consistent. That’s exercise. I have to trip over my new treadmill at least 2-4 times a day. Maybe it would help to actually turn the thing on and walk off the stress. Ya think?  Oh I know, you make time for what’s important. Well that’s true, however with a 3 year old in the house, it’s either after he goes to bed or wake everyone up at 5am, not!  I guess, for now, it will continue to be used as a ramp for cars, and trucks, and trailers.



  1. Lets see – stress relief, I think my immediate defense against stress is some good old fashioned worship time (or at least cranking up a great CD) followed by a long hot bath and crawling into bed with a good book or my MP3 player for some more worship tunes. Sounds good right about now!

  2. Sleepless in Seattle to Sleepless in SC: Drugs.

    Legal, of course, but with my schedule bouncing around from day shift to night shift and back, I finally had to ask my dr. for something to help with getting to sleep at night because I was seeing the clock hit 5 a.m. a bit too often.

    It took a couple of tries to find something that didn’t leave me feeling druggy all the next day, but now I have something that helps when I need it.

    Relaxation is important, but sometimes Jesus gives us pharmaceuticals.

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