Posted by: amyloublog | July 31, 2008

Goodbye July

Where is the summer going my friends? Before you know it the kiddies will be back in school. Oh, sweet Jesus, five more weeks till preschool starts. And this year, J goes five days a week. Ah, Mama gets to join the gym and learn how to exercise like the big boys.  Speaking of exercise, I did two days in a row this week. But after another restless night, I opted to walk right past that bad boy this morning. I am looking forward to getting into some weight lifting. No not super muscled up, like Jesse on Big Brother. Not into that. Just wanting to tone up and build muscle. With this drastic of a weight loss, the fat and the muscle go.

I think I may know what is contributing to my recent bout of insomnia.  My DR said last week that I could have the start of restless leg syndrome (RLS). I believe I suffered from this as a child, I remember my legs aching at night and dealing with insomnia then.  In fact, a fond memory of my Mothers is when I asked the nurse before one of my childhood surgeries to write a prescription for Valium so I could sleep better. I was maybe 9 at the time. Oh, the memories of my crazy life.

I am reading and researching alot on RLS. I have read that sometimes RLS comes from a vitamin deficiency (mainly magnesium).  This peaks my interest being a weight loss surgery post-op.  We WLS people can be very prone to vitamin/mineral deficiencies.  It’s all about the malabsorption. Not everyone deals with it, in fact, I think the majority are okay. I’m not a hypochondriac, just very sensitive to what my body is saying especially in the last 17 months since WLS. 

So to boil it down for the WLS post-ops or pre-ops….or anyone really. TAKE YOUR VITAMINS, make sure you are taking enough and getting your blood work done regularly. It’s really not a big deal, especially once you get farther out from surgery. After this 18 month checkup, I will only have to do this once a year.

As Paul Harvey says…Good Day!



  1. I stumbled on your blog and wanted to say that I had RLS for years before I knew there was help. I am also post-op WLS (7 years) and I’ve seen some really bad stuff when people don’t take the vitamins. They think they are feeling OK and it ends up not being very pretty. I hope you find your answer. I’ve been on Requip since it came out and I’m happy to say that I don’t worry about RLS anymore. Good luck on a successful journey!

  2. I wanted to let you know that I got rid of my Restless Leg after a horrible bout with it (incl addition to Klonopiin). I’s too long to describe the story here, but it simply involves common shoes. I posted it in a (noncommercial) blog to try and help people. It’s on my blog at

    I hope it can help someone.

  3. Very interesting information about vitamin+health

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