Posted by: amyloublog | January 22, 2009

Been tagged, a few random things about me

1. My middle name is Marie. When I was born my Dad wanted to be creative with my name, so he went with Amy Marie Yoder, mainly for the initials. 

2. I have flown by myself since I was a young child. It’s so second nature, it’s like getting in a car. Although I don’t get to do it as much as I used to.

3. I am a connoisseur of chicken salad. I have probably tried almost 100 varieties.  The little corner grill near my house continues to hold 1st place. The secret ingredient is cream cheese, no wonder.

4. I douched my eye when I was a young child which resulted in a trip to the ER. I was exploring under the bathroom sink and thought I would “wash my hair” like my Mom did. I’ll never live this one down.

5. I have always wanted to play a musical instrument but never had the patience and perseverance to follow through. One of my goals for 09 is to learn to play my mountain dulcimer.

6. I love to travel…my goals in life are to visit Alaska, Italy, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, San Francisco/CA wine country, various Caribbean islands, to mention a few.

7. I enjoy watching some of Jake’s children’s shows. Franklin, Little Bear, Calilou, Curious George and Clifford are a few of my favs.

8. I love my job and consider it a great privilege to work there. I often feel guilty to be so blessed and some days can’t wait to go to work.  I am the Director of a Pregnancy Care Center ministry.

9. I have an addictive personality. It used to be geared toward food. Almost two years ago I had weight loss surgery and lost 120 pounds. Now my addiction has transferred to a love of shopping. I am a clothes-hound and have major issues with purchasing costume jewelry.  Thank God for yard sales and Goodwill.

10. I’m also now addicted to coffee, I can’t start my day without it. Actually I am addicted to flavored creamers and just add the coffee for the caffiene part. Over the Holidays I consumed a ton of Peppermint Mocha creamer. I’m sad to see it off the shelf now, but how sweet it will be when it returns.

11. I love 80s music, still listen to it all the time. It brings back good memories of days when I had very little responsibility. Some of my all time favs are Faithfully (Journey), Every breath you take (Police), Your Love (The Outfield), She’s a beauty (The Tubes), Boys of Summer (Don Henley)…too mention a few.

12. I am proud to have two grandparents that are still living at a very old age. My grandfather will turn 100 next week and my grandma will be 95 this year. They have been married for 76 years!!   God has blessed them with great health. No heart problems or other major issues. It is remarkable!


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