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Great weekend, great weather!

Oh what a fun weekend. We spent Saturday together as a family, just the three of us. First time for this in ages and well overdue, I must say. 

We decided to head to the big city, Charlotte that is.  I needed my Target and Trader Joe’s fix.  And J needed his Monkey Joe fix. Monkey Joe’s is a huge warehouse sized place, similar to Chuckie Cheese, it’s full of HUGE inflatables. I mean one is 20 feet high and about 5 car lengths long. J is fearless and jumps right in with the big kids. The first time he went my parents took him, Hubs and I were celebrating our 10th in Savannah. My Mom said “Before we knew it he was 20 feet up an inflatable rock climbing thing. I held my breath and started praying.”  While the boys took in MJ’s, I headed to Target for a little retail therapy. Oh my, alone shopping with no one begging me to buy a truck and trailer, or something with a hitch on it. It was divine.

Then we ventured into downtown on the new LYNX light-rail train.  Little did we know, the Panthers were gearing up for their first preseason home game. So we rode with tons of fans dressed in black & blue, eager to see Jake D. (Carolina QB) return to the field to attempt to beat those COLTS. (no comment from you Tracy, lol)   The LYNX was super clean and really fun. It has big picture windows and a great view of all the jet airplanes (J was thrilled).  We walked around downtown, took in a couple of skyscrapers and landed at the Mimosa Grill for dinner. Very yuppie place (do they still say that word?).  J and I split a wood fired pizza with grilled chicken, chiorizo sausage, roasted asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes and some fine cheeses. It was like butter!  Hubs had a beef brisket burger with Gruyere cheese, excuse me. It too was like butter. But the salad dressing on my mixed greens was to die for, lime/ginger vinaigrette. OH MY LANDS!  Since this weight loss journey I have learned to really enjoy my food, just in moderation. And enjoy I did.  Now we are all worn out, but still reeling from our super fun day.

What did you do for fun this weekend?

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Artist currently known as J

Featuring J and his backup Lily (our dog).

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Life is crazy busy for me the next two weeks. Today marks the 10th anniversary of the ministry that I lead.  We are having people in this morning for a prayer breakfast of sorts to celebrate. Six weeks down the line will be the BIG shindig Banquet to celebrate with the community.  Today also starts my volunteer training session, which lasts for two weeks. It’s all good, but boy have I been exhausted and in bed early these days. Sometimes I am ready to crash when J does.

The sleeping is getting better. I treated myself to a little massage therapy and it was SO AWESOME! Why don’t I get the privilege to do this on a weekly basis.  I deserve it!  Maybe I can send Hubs to school to learn the technique. Yeah, that sounds like a plan.

J seems to have taken another leap in growing up virtually overnight. I wake up some days and it seems he has grown an inch. Which really excites me.  Those of you that know me, know that I am a tad bit vertically challenged. So I would love for him to be an average height.

Well this rambling is going to have to come to an abrupt halt, I just saw the time and I need to jet. More to come…when I get a breath that is.

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Goodbye July

Where is the summer going my friends? Before you know it the kiddies will be back in school. Oh, sweet Jesus, five more weeks till preschool starts. And this year, J goes five days a week. Ah, Mama gets to join the gym and learn how to exercise like the big boys.  Speaking of exercise, I did two days in a row this week. But after another restless night, I opted to walk right past that bad boy this morning. I am looking forward to getting into some weight lifting. No not super muscled up, like Jesse on Big Brother. Not into that. Just wanting to tone up and build muscle. With this drastic of a weight loss, the fat and the muscle go.

I think I may know what is contributing to my recent bout of insomnia.  My DR said last week that I could have the start of restless leg syndrome (RLS). I believe I suffered from this as a child, I remember my legs aching at night and dealing with insomnia then.  In fact, a fond memory of my Mothers is when I asked the nurse before one of my childhood surgeries to write a prescription for Valium so I could sleep better. I was maybe 9 at the time. Oh, the memories of my crazy life.

I am reading and researching alot on RLS. I have read that sometimes RLS comes from a vitamin deficiency (mainly magnesium).  This peaks my interest being a weight loss surgery post-op.  We WLS people can be very prone to vitamin/mineral deficiencies.  It’s all about the malabsorption. Not everyone deals with it, in fact, I think the majority are okay. I’m not a hypochondriac, just very sensitive to what my body is saying especially in the last 17 months since WLS. 

So to boil it down for the WLS post-ops or pre-ops….or anyone really. TAKE YOUR VITAMINS, make sure you are taking enough and getting your blood work done regularly. It’s really not a big deal, especially once you get farther out from surgery. After this 18 month checkup, I will only have to do this once a year.

As Paul Harvey says…Good Day!

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Jesus Cheeto

Saw this clip today. Um, yeah it does resemble Jesus on a cross. Way more than most of these “sightings” that have come about over the years. It’s no secret that I am a Jesus Lover!  And I worship a God that has a sense of humor, I believe.  Hey who am I to dispute if that’s the way He chooses to reveal himself to someone. You never know…God does work in mysterious ways. But what I do know, is that He would like this cheeto to be used to draw people nearer to Him and not to simply fatten a bank account or draw attention to man.  Those are just my thoughts on the matter.    “Cheesus” (I chuckle)

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All I can say is I never thought I would see the 120s in my lifetime. That is my weight I am talkin about. Only 3.6 lbs to my personal goal. I am in shock. 

Apparently I am getting quite a few hits off the “gastric bypass” tags. If you are considering this surgery, a pre-op or post-op…hang in there, the fight to get insurance coverage is well worth it!!  I am living proof of that.  It is my prayer that my blog will be a source of encouragement for anyone struggling with their weight.

And yes, I will update my profile with current pictures soon.

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Sleepless in SC

Well here I am up before the chickens once again. I have had so much on my plate lately (mostly re: work/ministry) that I have found myself dealing with stress. Oh, it’s not a new thing, mind you, but it has reached the level where I am losing some sleep. And I am one of those who likes to get the full 8 in.

 I have read that most women tend to carry their stress in the jaw, neck and shoulders area. Thus causing a great deal of TMJ related issues. I am one of those women. It doesn’t bother me all the time, but when it does I am running for the Motrin and begging Calgon to take me away.

I am in the throes of planning a 10th Anniversary Banquet for work, which over 300 people with attend. It’s much like planning a wedding without the nice honeymoon vacation waiting at the end.  Oh how I remember the stress level 8 weeks before my own wedding. It’s a very fun and exciting time, but crazy busy!  

I am curious what do you do to relieve stress? So all 3 of you who read my blog, please leave a comment this time and let me know some of your “home remedies” for stress relief.  Oh and do remember this is a “family friendly” blog, so if it is personal or racy, well just email me. 

I do know one thing that may help, if I could just find the time and be consistent. That’s exercise. I have to trip over my new treadmill at least 2-4 times a day. Maybe it would help to actually turn the thing on and walk off the stress. Ya think?  Oh I know, you make time for what’s important. Well that’s true, however with a 3 year old in the house, it’s either after he goes to bed or wake everyone up at 5am, not!  I guess, for now, it will continue to be used as a ramp for cars, and trucks, and trailers.

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I really need one of these

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Here we go again

My dear son J has Croup again. We last went through this virus 9 months ago. Actually I remember it very well, I was 4 days out from hernia surgery and it was my birthday. My Dad was here to help care for J and we were awaken late at night with J crying and having alot of trouble breathing. I would find myself waiting at home while my son made his first trip to the ER that evening. Happy Birthday to me!  However, God is so faithful and he was home in a little over an hour, laced with steroids and bouncing off the wall. Thank God I am a pack rat of sorts, because I kept the leftover meds from October. So last night we were able to avoid another ER trip. I heard the seal like coughing at 11pm and immediately knew what to do. I whisked him into his bathroom, turned the shower on as hot as it would go, closed the door and held him while he took deep breaths. It works within minutes, the key is to stay calm and calm your child as well.  One dose of steroids and in less than an hour, he was back to sleep. Although in bed with me, which only happens when he is sick. With that said, pray for J to recover soon. He is already eating like a horse and doesn’t seem to be too hyper yet. Although, the next dose is in an hour! I shutter…and say “Give me strength and Starbucks!”

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Weight loss update

I haven’t posted an update lately of my WLS journey.  Only 5.4 pounds to go till I reach my goal of 125. This morning I am 130.4…oh the 120s are so close I can almost taste them. (good pun there, Amy)   The surgeon says the “window of opportunity” for weight loss is 18 months. Although you can certainly still lose after that, that’s just the average span and then people tend to maintain and level off.  I will be 17 months this weekend. I am still amazed how far I have come in this journey. It takes longer mentally to let the change sink in.  I am just now getting adjusted to the newer me in the mirror.  Just now picking the right size clothes on the rack, first time out. Last weekend I went shopping (which is really getting to be a transfer addiction) and bought a skirt/top combo in the petite section (it’s so good to be home) and YA’LL I am in a petite medium. Can you believe it?  From a size 24 to an 8/10! 

I have really noticed a difference in my energy levels in the past few months.  Recently I bit the bullet and bought a nice treadmill off craigslist. Now I just need to get in the habit of using it daily. I have not exercised diligently since this journey began.  I am lucky and shocked that my excess skin has, for the most part, been minimal in my arms and lower legs. Let’s not talk about thighs and tummy…let’s just say they are waiting for their ship to come in so they can get “plastics” (aka a major tuck).

Well enough of the update, I need to go hide….my 3 year old is running over me with his remote control Tow Mater.  Gotta love that movie.

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